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The NYHS Qigong course is designed to give participants an understanding of Qigong with an emphasis on Medical Qigong or Energetic/Bioenergetic Healing. Chinese Qigong is an ancient and vast field, a huge body of knowledge without a direct equivalent in western culture and for this reason we are using the Chinese traditional term. In a rough translation Qigong becomes “life force exercises.”

Western Culture abandoned the concept of life force or fluid more than 100 years ago. However, through the successful introduction of acupuncture in health care, many people start reconsidering the concept of the qi or energy body. Perhaps synergistically, present day Anthroposophical Medicine uses a conceptual model of the human constitution consisting of an assemblage of four bodies, Physical, Etheric, Astral and Ego, or simplified Body Soul and Spirit, where the body while alive is maintained in its form by the ‘Etheric Body’ which is the same as the Qi Body. Health is a state of perfect balance between these bodies while a disbalance constitutes a condition.

According to Wikipedia, “Qigong is a millennia old system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training. With roots in Chinese Medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, training, qigong is traditionally viewed by the Chinese and throughout Asia as a practice to cultivate and balance qi”

Our purpose in developing this course is to address the growing interest in nonmedicated healing, self-healing, and development of ‘extraordinary abilities’ intuition, self-control and the ability to influence positively the process of one’s own healing or abilities to induce healing in others, in the direction pointed by modern medical diagnosis, in a complementary or supporting role. Qigong helps speed up recovery after medical interventions or life events, helps overcome chronic conditions, helps develop intuitively the perception of patterns and, through cultivation of awareness of subtle forces and ‘bodies’, expands the scope of consciousness such that often one can achieve mastery over aspects formerly unconscious.


The course explores tradition and history, philosophical aspects, perceptual aspects, main developmental exercises, forms of exercises specific to several basic conditions, transfer of energy from a person to another person, group field phenomena, how to develop special abilities. This is done by comparing traditional and more recent forms and clarifying branches and discussing the wisdom of forms that stimulate internal pathways of energy with perceived effects.

There are 6 main Qigong branches: Daoist, Confucian, Buddhist, Martial, Medical and Folkloric and we will explore all the above, with an emphasis on the medical or health forms.
At the end of the course the student will have a working understanding of Qigong and an empowerment to pursue this drug-less form of self-healing and healing of others, beneficial and without side effects.
The medical profession noticed the gentle beneficial effects of Qigong and in many health institutions there are Classes and groups practicing various forms of qigong as meditation in movement with coordinated breathing.

Anton Baraschi,
Teacher and Holistic Wellness Counselor
New York Holistic School
December 18, 2020


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