Understanding Holistic Health

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As we move forward with our classes at New York Holistic School, we take on the task of reading books and articles on the subject "Holistic Counseling" that prepares us to be future holistic counselors licensed in the State of New York.

Therefore, I want to reflect on the meaning of the words "Holistic Health"

When the School was created in 2012, we debated with some professionals that it was Naturopathy. The conclusion was reached and according to the etymological meaning; "Nature" is allusive to the natural and patia (pathy) comes from the Greek phatos which is disease. In this context, the words Holistic Health are more inclusive and mean comprehensive health.

Holistica, comes from the Greek "Holos" which refers to the complete being; a complete human being and a complete human being has different spiritual layers that influence the disease process or health.

Let's explain this of several bodies or several layers of man.

It is widely known in the spiritual field that the human being has a physical body, mental body, emotional body, and other components that are also called astral body, energetic and spirit. Other writers call it "Dimensions".
Where is the scientific proof that this is true? I refer to cite books and add asides of articles or serious links in this regard.



Some subjects of reflection and investigation of the subject are the different schools and currents of the transpersonal psychology, for which I want to share to them that it is the Intuition and its analysis from the psychological point of view.

Psychologists work, either in on research or psychotherapy, to a great extent is based on intuition. Intuition is a settled knowledge that is expressed as a mood, a blurry sensation or a quip. This is a knowledge that operates before the development of conjectures and the psychologist interventions. But intuition –capacity of human beings- must be formed because prejudgments can make it erratic. Then a purification of prejudices is proposed though the analysis of intuition and the own discourse to a more appropriate and flowed exercise of that knowledge


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