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We as human beings are unique and have the right to health, holistic prosperity and spiritual evolution — to enjoy happiness in this lifetime.


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We are so pleased you have decided to explore NEW YORK HOLISTIC SCHOOL and its holistic curriculum. Our program is designed to be responsive to your interests and goals.

Whether you are considering becoming a student, want to join our faculty or staff, or have a sponsorship or partnership idea, we earnestly welcome your inquiry and look forward to learning more about the “Temple of Nature” that is in you.

Admission Guidelines

Our School has prepared this guideline to provide you with an overview of the admittance process and the benchmarks that we have prepared for you.

a. Regular Students

Our School is designed to accommodate anyone who desires to become a bonafide educated member of the Holistic Health movement. Regular students may or may not have previous healthcare or related experience but have committed to the full 15-month, 660-hour course of intensive study.

b. Transfer Students

Applicants who wish to change their current place of study can become Transfer Students. This includes those who may be in the earliest stages of their Holistic studies, those switching schools in mid-career, and those already working as Natural Health Consultants but who have not yet completed their health-related schooling at colleges such as CUNY, SUNY or elsewhere.

c. Acceptance of Practitioners in Allied Medical Professions.

Practitioners trained in the U.S. and abroad in allied medical professions and health-related careers may be exempt from specific New York Holistic School courses. Such practitioners must provide our School with official copies of academic credentials obtained from the certification, diploma, or degree-granting institution.

d. Professionals Seeking Advancement and Updated certification.

All allied medical professionals including physicians educated in other countries are welcome to enroll in our unique, intensive program. The New York Holistic School provides clock-hours for our training but cannot issue New York State-approved Continuing Education Credits, units, or licensing for our courses. If and when this changes per state, applicants, students and the public will be alerted and an addendum will be made to the catalog. For more information consult our School Director.



Deciding which Holistic school to attend is a very personal decision based on your goals and interests. Our online application process is easy. The process allows us to review and assess your academic record easily and efficiently to qualify you for attendance at the New York Holistic School.

The quickest way to apply is through our web application.

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