The immigrant community is fortunate to have health professionals with academic training in medicine and health instruction training comparable to the kind available in U.S. institutions. Many graduated from universities of their countries of origin and wish to contribute to our school as members of the Academic Team. Some of them have extensive experience in conventional medicine, alternative medicine and Holistic Health.

The New York Holistic School is proud to promote our mission with health professionals and teachers from countries such as United States, Spain, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, and Dominican Republic.
Anton Baraschi

ANTON BARASCHI is Holistic Wellness Counselor and Certified Licensed Private Career School Teacher with The University of the State of New York. Presently, he serves as Administrative Director of the New York Holistic School located at 211 East 43rd Street New York. NY. 10017
Originally an Architectural Senior Project Manager for financial institutions (Republic National Bank, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, AIG, Smith Barney and UBS), Anton experienced health challenges related to stress. He regained his health through the practice of medical qigong. Unexpectedly, besides regaining health, he experienced and developed special abilities which he cultivated further by apprenticing with over a dozen Energy Healing Masters over a 20-year period. Since 2012 he worked exclusively as a healer and teacher.

Currently Anton Baraschi maintains a private Medical Qigong (Bioenergy Healing) practice in the Manhattan office, Huntington LI office, and in Fort Lee NJ. He teaches a Bioenergy Healing Certification Course through the Edgar Cayce ARE Center of NY. In the following semesters, Anton will teach a course on “Qigong: The Movement of the Body Energy” at the New York Holistic School.

Since 2008 Anton Baraschi has served on the Board of the New Dawn Foundation in New Rochelle NY as Vice President. The NDF is a 501 3C NYS not for profit corporation promoting health of the environment and the individual.

Mr. Anton Baraschi is bringing his life experiences as a Manager and Holistic Wellness Counselor to the New York Holistic School. We are pleased with his qualifications and dedication and believe that our students will benefit greatly from his directorship. His ideal of wellness complementary, alternative, integrative and cooperative approach to modalities is a passing of the torch to our holistic wellness students and community at large.

Anton Baraschi,

Administrative Director


Angela S. Aniton
Angel Gabet CNE, Cer Ger.

Our Teachers

MD Teacher New York Holistic School E-mail: O.Alvarado@newyorkholisticschool.com

He began providing Medical consultations and treatment to the patients. Evaluated patients with acute and chronic issues, managing test results, analyze RXs, CTs and MRIs. providing general pre- and post-operative care, monitoring and administering medication, assessing and planning treatment requirements, writing reports and maintaining records and promoting health education.

He coordinated the Health and Occupational Security Area with activities focused on the encouragement of the quality of life of the employees, early diagnoses and timely treatment, as well as, work rehabilitation and readjustment and assistance in the eventualities derived from work.

He organized business emergency squads and implement first aid service. Investigate work accidents, determine its causes, give medical treatment and recommend preventive measures. Also, he assists physicians in medical procedures that the patient might need and teaching parents preventive medicine. Works as an observer in the department of Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Unit. Coordinates and helps conduct human subjects research training for Pantaleon health aides involved in the research. Lastly, he has his NYSED teaching license.
MD Teacher New York Holistic School E-mail: N.DeLeon@newyorkholisticschool.com

She is an effective leader and skilled communicator with the ability to adapt quickly to a challenge; works independently and where the scope of work will enhance her career growth.

As a Medical Assistant contributes to physician’s effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range patient care issues that must be addressed; providing information and commentary pertinent to deliberations; recommending options and courses of action; implementing physician directives.

Assesses patient health by interviewing patients; performing physical examinations; obtaining, updating, and studying medical histories.

Also she has been a Pharmacology, Physiology and Biochemistry Instructor to ensure that International Medical Graduate students learn content needed for safe and effective practice; and passing the US Medical Licensing Examination. Establishes and fosters a learning environment which promotes individual and group interactions to enhance the learning experience and promote the development of critical thinking skills.

She is as licensed Jahment School teacher.

Teacher New York Holistic School E-mail: S.Gigitashvili@newyorkholisticschool.com

More than eight years ago Sophia Gigitashvili dedicated herself to the study of ancient and modern health sciences. Sophia is a certified clinical iridologist, certified nutrition counselor, and detoxification specialist. She guides and supports men and women to reach their health goals and improve their lives. Sophia facilitated numerous health and wellness workshops and retreats, supported corporate wellness and children’s health education.

She is a dedicated teacher and student of health and happiness. Sophia holds certificates in Ayurvedic and Chinese nutrition, Integrative Nutrition, Health Coaching, Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration, Clinical Iridology and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is a Jahment holistic school’s licensed teacher.

MSPT. Teacher New York Holistic School E-mail: M.JeanLouis@newyorkholisticschool.com

Molina Jean-Louis is a Physical Therapist and a Certified Lymphatic Therapist; which has provided her the expertise and experience to apply Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) in her practice. She has worked in pediatric, geriatric, orthopedic, and oncological settings. Educated at Long Island University, her techniques apply both Western and Eastern practices to develop comprehensive treatments to the body through bodywork. Her knowledge and practical experience in Anatomy and Physiology makes her an excellent practitioner and teacher. Her philosophy is to heal patients through touch and to guide them on a journey towards less physical stress, more comfort, and better health.
Teacher New York Holistic School E-mail: N.Soteriou@newyorkholisticschool.com

Nefeli Soteriou, M.F.A, CCA is a life enrichment coach, a healthy eating culinary educator, and a visual art educator for 17 years and has worked with healing and wellness groups for the last 4 years. She has developed programs and courses of study for those seeking to achieve wellness and dive deeper into personal transformation, as well as for educators, arts and holistic consulting professionals desiring training and supervision.

She is best known for her design of Art for Wellness programs, a potpourri of creative fun, a curriculum blend from her Greek-Cypriot inheritance, the Mediterranean tradition and lifestyle, her Western influences as an expatriate in the United States and Eastern philosophy on mindfulness, combined with projects and assignments from various forms of art, including architecture, design, photography and expressive writing, for rich, meaningful, experiences.

Nefeli is very excited to be faculty at Jahment, the first school licensed by the State of New York in Holistic Education. She will be teaching the courses of Holistic Consulting and Scope of practice.

Teacher Finance Director E-mail: N.Muid@newyorkholisticschool.com 

Niamo Nancy Muid is the owner of The HealMobile, a holistic health and energy service promoting essential oils for optimum well-being. HealMobile services include oil treatments such as Raindrop Therapy™and Reiki Foot Massage, workshops and consulting.

Rev. Muid earned certificates in clinical aromatherapy from the Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy in Colorado. She has been using and teaching about essential oils for over ten years. She is also co-writer with Shakira Abdul Ali of the booklet, Removing Post Traumatic Slave (Stress) Syndrome Using Essential Oils. She maintains a blog about healing with oils and energy techniques atTheHealMobile.com/blog/.

In 2015, Rev. Muid was certified by founder Dr. Benjamin Perkus in the new Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), which uses aromas to clear patterns and blockages. Her clients include professionals, individuals in recovery, and agency groups.

Rev. Muid’s HealMobile page on Facebook and YoutTube videos teach about essential oils and holistic techniques to increase serenity, speed recuperation and accelerate healing. She earned her master’s of science degree from Pratt Institute and bachelor’s degree from Chapman College. She is a Reiki and EFT (Tapping) practitioner, an ordained minister-practitioner, and licensed New York State holistic health educator.
For more details, visit: http://bit.ly/2Cvi4Lu

Teacher New York Holistic School E-mail: Z.Madyun@newyorkholisticschool.com 

Zakiyyah Madyun is a certified herbal educator and practitioner, Naturopath, a Reiki and Pranic Energy Healer, columnist, speaker extraordinaire, and author.  Her study of the healing arts began with the martial arts, yoga, meditation, reflexology and then herbology over 35 years ago.  Hailing from the Bronx, New York, in the early 80s she created her own “Sacred Healing 7 Herb Center,”has her own line of herbal products, and teaches a full range of herb courses, including chakra healing.  She currently writes a weekly herb column, publishes a newsletter, Blog and has launched her own public access TV show: Herbs are Nature’s Medicine in 2017. As a Master Herbalist, her intent remains focused on helping people learn how to identify the source of illness in their bodies, and then to give them the knowledge, resources and tools to begin to change existing cycles of illness into cycles of health and wellness.
MD Teacher New York Holistic School E-mail: T.Milan@newyorkholisticschool.com 

I was born and raised in Cuba, where I lived until March 1998 when I moved to Guyana. Fifteen years later, I made the decision to move to the United States and establish myself and my family in New York City. Living in the United States has provided me with opportunities to grow and develop, both in my professional and personal life.

As a child growing up in Cuba, I was fortunate to receive a strong education that has remained with me throughout my life. It is this foundation, along with the continued support of my family, educators, and friends, that has allowed me to embrace my dream of teaching, educating and healing.

The year 1992 was an important year in my life. In this year, I successfully completed Medical School. In 1996, I finished the specialty in Family Medicine. In 1998, I moved to Guyana where I combined the role of teacher and attendant physician. Being an unlicensed physician in the United States made me modify my journey, and as a result, I finished Nursing School in winter 2017. This event lit the flame of desire to return to my teaching career path.

It is my hope in 2018 to continue with my dreams of teaching, specifically holistic health education and preventive systems that are complementary to conventional medicine.



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