We invite you to know the most beautiful nature in this world, your own, and to prove to you the divine wisdom that is within you. You as a human being have the right to good health, prosperity and spiritual evolution; so that you may enjoy true happiness in this life. At New York Holistic School you can learn and experience happiness and well-being in collaboration with us, by being part of our new educational community. We offer Holistic academic programs for your own personal benefit and advancement, and for you to help others.

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Welcome to New York Holistic School! It is our goal to help you acquire the skills necessary to enter the workforce and begin a career that will allow you to meet all of your employment goals. Enrolling at New York Holistic School is the beginning of a partnership. We pledge to do all we can to help you succeed and we ask you to do the same. You may download your school catalog. It contains useful information that applies to you during your time as a student at New York Holistic School. You will find rules and regulations that are required of all students, as well as information about your program of study. When browsing through the catalog you may have questions or see things that you do not understand. We are here to help. Every student is assigned a Student Services Advisor. This is the person you should go to if you have any questions about the material in this catalog. You can also ask your instructors about information specific to your program. Of course, you can always ask me. Congratulations on your decision to start this journey that can lead you to getting and keeping a job and expanding your opportunities for a prosperous and happy future.

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Our History

New York Holistic School was born under the auspices of the work of the American Family Community Services (AFCS) organization, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education and social services to a diverse adult immigrant population. AFCS provides referrals and education about different social and health programs to all residents of the City of New York. In 2006, our educational work began by conducting lectures on natural health and nutrition with conventional physicians and other holistic professionals serving as guest speakers. The AFCS conducted a marketing study in Queens and other NYC counties, resulting in the conclusion that the immigrant community required Bilingual Holistic Health programs. Our marketing study also revealed a plethora of skilled immigrants who are eager to apply Holistic methodologies in their adopted communities. We feel there is no better way to enfold these immigrants to become an even more integral part of the U.S. society than to help them gain training and professional recognition such as Holistic Health certification.

Our Vision

The New York Holistic School is one of the first academic institutions established in New York State as a broad-based, adult Holistic Health School, grounded in the scientific method, Vivential learning, and various humanitarian approaches.

The New York Holistic School is a proactive institution at the forefront of Holistic Health research practice, rescuing the values and wisdom of ancient cultures and ancestral teachings in all areas related to the welfare and development of humankind.

We are a viable servant in the vast and diversified Tri-State region and are recognized for excellence by both healthcare professionals and the public.

Our Mission

The New York Holistic School is a non-traditional academic institution offering a comprehensive health education. The New York Holistic School provides classes, seminars and conferences, with online classes coming in the future, to enable students to embrace holistic learning of the mind, body, soul and emotions. Our mission is based on three imperatives:
  • Teach Natural Holistic Health education and preventive systems that are complementary to conventional medicine
  • Teach alternative diagnostic methods which have demonstrable scientific basis and which integrate holistic comprehension of human beings as a whole, and:
  • Teach non-invasive holistic therapies that incorporate divine wisdom and natural mystic methods and adapt these therapies to individualized healing processes.

Our General Purpose

To prepare and train professionals of high integrity, who upon graduation are capable of working as technicians and therapists specializing in Natural Holistic Health.

Specific Objectives

Provide adequate documentation and information about curriculum subject areas and Holistic Health trends
Establish educational agreements with other New York State and private institutions within and outside of the U.S. to promote scientific and technological exchange.
Track, update and continuously improve our Holistic Health academic programs; log daily activities towards self-assessment of curriculum content and human-centered values; adjust our offerings to surpass New York State requirements..
Promote a healthy environment through collaborative action, extracurricular events and ecological culture
Inform the public of scientific, technological and human-development research efforts in Holistic Health in order to improve individual and family lifestyles and community health
Develop and propose policies, plans and projects to solve problems concerning the physical and mental health of individuals, their communities and the surrounding environment
Extend our Holistic educational approach and expand business relationships with similar local, national and international initiatives, as well as government and private educational institutions

Who We Are

We are UNIQUE institution that provides time-tested Holistic Studies in multi-faceted disciplines for anyone who wants to finally take responsibility for learning to care for their own health and the health of their family. New York Holistic School educators and facilitators will promote and provide support to Holistic Health practitioners and their communities, with the objectives of:

  • Prevention of diseases
  • Dissolution of dysfunction
  • Practical use of non-invasive therapies as a complement to conventional medicine

Fundamental to our values is holism — we are a Holistic educational institution dedicated to training professionals in integrative natural medicine, comprehensive health and well-being, and human development.



211 East 43rd Street, 7th. Floor.

New York, NY 10017

(929) 330-4010



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